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Israel - IDF completes conquest of Khan Yunis, residents flee to Rafah

Israel ( - According to Palestinian sources, IDF forces today entered the southern and western neighborhoods of Khan Yunis, where there has been no intense fighting so far. The Red Crescent reported that its emergency station was “under siege” by Israeli units, which were preventing ambulances from responding to calls and treating the wounded. Dozens more were reported killed and a flow of refugees from Khan Yunis to Rafah.

On Sunday evening, Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced the expansion of the operation in Khan Yunis. He said the IDF was closing in on Hamas's "most sensitive" centers and "there are early signs" that military action could bring the release of the kidnapped Israelis closer. On the night of Monday, the 98th Division began an offensive operation in the western and southern parts of the city, heavy fighting is taking place, Haaretz's war correspondent reports.

A war correspondent for Hadashot 12 reports from army sources that three of the four Hamas battalions based in Khan Yunis have already been destroyed.

In the north, the IDF said today it had carried out air strikes against Hezbollah military targets in villages in southern Lebanon. According to the Israeli army, secondary detonations after a strike on a building in Maroun al-Ras, where Hezbollah militants were located, confirmed the presence of a large amount of ammunition and weapons in the building.

The government continues to talk about the need for a long war “to the bitter end,” but alarming signals are beginning to appear in the media, indicating the accumulation of war fatigue and growing doubts about the feasibility of the government’s goals. On Sunday, Hadashot 12 reported that the military underestimated the number of Hamas militants, and new ones are coming to replace those killed. “The army understands that the network of tunnels turned out to be more extensive than they thought, and it will not be possible to destroy them all,” Haaretz correspondent Anschel Pfeffer reports.

An unprecedented interview with the wife of a reservist was published today by Mako correspondent Avivit Myasnikov. The woman turned to the journalist in the hope of achieving the demobilization of her entrepreneur husband, who, according to his wife, is already “thinking about desertion” due to the fact that his business has collapsed and the minus in his bank account is growing every day. According to the Israeli woman, many of her husband’s comrades are in this situation, and the command does not respond to their pleas for demobilization and has kept them in Gaza for four months now.

Israel - IDF completes conquest of Khan Yunis, residents flee to Rafah