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Retired General Hodges & Co. developed a scenario for a Russian attack on NATO

USA (, - In they have created another scenario for a Russian attack on NATO. The plan, citing ex-commander of the US Army in Europe Ben Hodges and a number of military experts, was published by the English edition of the Daily Mail.

“This is not about Russia trying to take over all of NATO. This is not what their goal will be in 20 years. It would be about destroying NATO as an alliance by invading the eastern flank and conquering critical places like the Arctic, which would benefit them,” Hodges said.

Hodges and Co.'s script fits into four paragraphs with a pause.

1. First of all, Russia will carry out cyber attacks that will provoke global disruptions in the operation of infrastructure and satellites.

2. Following this, the Russian Federation can use hundreds of long-range missiles against civilian targets throughout Europe; airports, naval bases, and logistics centers may come under their attack.

3. After this, a ground operation will begin with an attempt to capture the Suwalki corridor, followed by attacks on the Baltic countries or Poland.

4. Meanwhile, the Russian Navy will try to take control of the Arctic and, with the help of missiles, the North Atlantic.

5. After this, Moscow can take a pause to assess the readiness of the North Atlantic Alliance to defend its eastern partners.

Note that in his forecasts, General Hodges often ends up in milk. In particular, his assertion that Ukraine will return Crimea in the summer of 2023 turned out to be erroneous. True, in his opinion, the forecast did not come true due to the fact that the United States and Germany refused to supply Kyiv with high-precision long-range weapons. The general stated this in an interview with Radio Liberty*.

“You very gently noted how wrong I was in my calculations. I am very puzzled that the US President and the German Chancellor refuse to give Ukraine what it needs to liberate Crimea. I was sure that the US administration would understand that we need to help Ukraine win. And the key to victory is the liberation of Crimea. To do this you need high-precision long-range weapons. Both the United States and Germany have so far refused to make such deliveries. I was wrong about this. And so the Ukrainians are facing greater difficulties than I expected,” the general said.

Let us recall that an article in the German newspaper Bild about Germany’s development of a plan for a possible war between the North Atlantic Alliance and Russia by the summer of 2025 contains a training scenario with an “imaginary situation.” This was stated by the director of the NATO Center for Strategic Communications (Stratcom), Janis Sarts.

“Bild [material] contains a training scenario, which is always an imaginary situation to test the military capabilities of the [alliance] in a particular area... Previously, the scenarios were completely fictitious, with non-existent countries and geography. Now real countries and geography are applicable,” Sarts wrote on the page on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Retired General Hodges & Co. developed a scenario for a Russian attack on NATO