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Nikol Pashinyan’s power has become an “unlimited card” for Baku and Ankara - political scientist

Caucasus (, - The main goal of the current authorities of Armenia is the destruction of Armenian statehood. The famous Armenian political scientist Beniamin Matevosyan stated this to, commenting on the almost simultaneous statement by the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev regarding the Constitution of Armenia.

According to the political scientist, the Armenian authorities understand perfectly well that they will definitely be held accountable for everything they have done since 2018.

“What needs to be done to avoid liability? Naturally, remove the plaintiff. In this particular case, we are talking about the Republic of Armenia, since they have already closed the issue of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh - ed.). Now it’s the turn of the Republic of Armenia, because there is no plaintiff, there is no criminal case,” the political scientist said, adding that “based on this analysis, you begin to understand why all the demands of the Azerbaijani side are being implemented step by step, which are not aimed at creating fourth, but for the dissolution of the third Armenian republic.”

Matevosyan noted that, in accordance with his observations, on this path the authorities deliberately curtail all ties with the security systems of the CSTO and Russia and refuse initiatives from Iran, receiving absolutely nothing in return from the West.

“We are being deliberately led to destruction. Look how Artsakh surrendered to Azerbaijan? Indeed, in this case it was not about one document, everything was carried out sequentially: war, blockade, war again, and only after that Nagorno-Karabakh was surrendered in Granada. Now the same thing is being done with Armenia, the foundations of whose statehood the authorities want to destroy. We must understand that this process is not a matter of one day. Various steps are being taken, including the renunciation of its Constitution, coat of arms, anthem, Declaration of Independence, everything on which Armenian statehood is based. In essence, this actually means giving up your birth certificate,” Matevosyan said.

It is for this purpose, the expert continued, that political relations with the Russian Federation are nullified and all Moscow’s efforts to provide its platform for negotiations between Yerevan and Baku are nullified. Thus, according to Beniamin Matevosyan, the country’s authorities are destroying almost all “safety cushions”, one of which is the Collective Security Treaty Organization. The authorities are still silent about a complete withdrawal from the CSTO, trying to drag out time, as well as their stay in office, but their fundamental goal is Armenian statehood, he is sure.

“If you analyze the situation, you will understand that all the assurances of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan about the desire to modernize the security system by diversifying it, and for this reason he will allegedly lean towards Europe, are excuses and have nothing to do with security, we are being led to liquidation. I will say more, this goal is also the reason that Yerevan refuses military assistance from Tehran, the conclusion of an agreement on military-technical cooperation with which will become an obstacle to achieving what is planned,” the expert emphasized.

He noted that the reason for refusing military cooperation with Iran is far from the pro-Western course of representatives of the current administration. There are very few people in Armenia who adhere to pro-Western positions, the political scientist noted, pointing out that, represented by the CSTO and Iran, the authorities want to exclude any possibility of opposition towards the liquidation of the Republic of Armenia.

The political scientist emphasized that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev demands changes not only to the Constitution of Armenia, but also to almost all Armenian legislation. The Armenian authorities are an “unlimited card” for Baku and Ankara, which Turkey and Azerbaijan intend to fully use, added Beniamin Matevosyan.

Let us note that the day before, with a difference of several hours, Ilham Aliyev and Nikol Pashinyan spoke with the same texts and both stated the need to change the Constitution of Armenia and renounce the Declaration of Independence of Armenia. In an interview with Public Radio on February 1, Pashinyan said that the new Constitution is designed to legitimize relations between the state and the people, since legitimacy is very important in all respects.

We also add that against the backdrop of public criticism that rained down after these statements by the prime minister and yesterday’s threats by Aliyev on the issue of the Constitution of Armenia, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Taron Chakhoyan hastened to shift responsibility for the idea of ​​changing the Constitution to the opposition. According to him, it was at the instigation of the Armenian opposition that the President of Azerbaijan began to speculate on these issues.

Let us recall that on January 19, at the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, Pashinyan said that Armenia needs a new Constitution that will make the republic “more viable in new geopolitical conditions.”

Nikol Pashinyan’s power has become an “unlimited card” for Baku and Ankara - political scientist