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Bloomberg: key advisor on sanctions against Russia will leave post at US Treasury

February 2, ( Elizabeth Rosenberg, an official at the US Treasury Department responsible for financial crime sanctions and policy, is leaving her post. Bloomberg reports this with reference to its sources.

Rosenberg was part of the core group of officials who crafted economic sanctions against Russia, including an asset freeze and a price cap on Russian oil. It is noted that she will now work “in the private sector.”

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Elizabeth Rosenberg has accepted the post of assistant to the head of the US Treasury Department for combating the financing of terrorism and financial crimes in 2021.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously noted that the policy of containing and weakening the Russian Federation is a long-term strategy of the West. The Kremlin stated that initially there was a threat of a collapse of the Russian economy due to the huge burden of sanctions, which theoretically no state in the world could withstand, but the situation was stabilized and even reached a growth trajectory. Putin pointed out that the stage of economic recovery in Russia has already been completed; the country has withstood absolutely unprecedented external pressure. According to him, Russia has surpassed all of Europe in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity. “It seems that we are being strangled and put under pressure from all sides, but we have become the first in Europe in terms of economic volume as a whole. We have overtaken Germany. And we have taken fifth place in the world. China, the USA, India, Japan, Russia. Number one in Europe,” - said the President of the Russian Federation. By the end of 2023, Russian GDP growth may exceed 4%.

Bloomberg: key advisor on sanctions against Russia will leave post at US Treasury