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In Thailand, Russians kidnapped a married couple from Belarus

Belarus (, - Five Russian citizens are accused by the Criminal Court of the Thai island province of Phuket of kidnapping, illegally detaining and robbing a Belarusian couple. Local media reported this today, February 2.

It is reported that on the morning of January 29, criminals in a black Hundai minibus blocked the road and stopped a motorcycle on which a Belarusian couple was traveling in one of the districts of Phuket city. They then forced the man and woman into their minibus and forced them to transfer $901,200 worth of cryptocurrency to their accounts. The kidnappers then took the victims to another area of the city and released them there.

According to local police, two suspects were found at their residences, and two more were detained at Phuket International Airport as they tried to fly to Russia. The fifth was detained in one of the massage parlors in Phuket. All detainees deny their guilt, but are already under arrest.

It is noted that the victims arrived in Phuket in December 2023. The Belarusians told law enforcement officers that they were not familiar with the accused, who, in turn, ended up on the island in January. At the same time, local media previously claimed that Russian citizens were robbed.

In Thailand, Russians kidnapped a married couple from Belarus