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“Brotherly” Ecuador transfers weapons to Ukraine: “don’t be amazed, gentlemen”!

USA (, - Mikhail Zoshchenko has this phrase: “Why all this amazement? Gentlemen, do not be amazed, but be responsible for your actions! The latest news that blew up the domestic Internet and caused a lot of “amazement” among the Russian expert community, which has an idea of the realities of Latin America only from the media, is the decision of the new President of Ecuador, Daniel Neboa, to transfer military equipment to the United States. And they, obviously, will transport it to Ukraine. Moreover, Neboa understands this very well, since he called this equipment “scrap metal”; he does not want to give it to the United States. To support local “garbage kings”.

It is clear that Neboa thereby, first of all, decided to swear allegiance to the United States, which is now, at his request, helping to establish, in our language, constitutional order in the country, eliminating the gangs that attempted a coup. In fact, the United States, remembering the experience of fighting cartels in Colombia, wants to bring drug trafficking in Ecuador under control, and not with good intentions. And according to the principle: whoever controls, decides who can profit from the drug business and make a profit themselves. Let us recall that funds from this dirty business were actively used and are being used to finance coups d'etat, to support friendly politicians and parties, and not only by US intelligence services.

We also note that in Ecuador, the drug business, especially in Guayaquil (the epicenter of the current unrest), has long merged with state authorities and regional politicians. Regardless of their political orientation. In the same way, however, as in neighboring Peru and Colombia. This system, as legalization mechanisms, includes educational institutions, theaters, and international festivals. Having now provided assistance to Neboa in pacifying the coup attempt, the United States has gained practically uncontrolled control over a huge resource - proceeds from drug trafficking. Plus the port of Guayaquil, through which cocaine is shipped in bananas to the USA and Europe (via the Panama Canal). By the way, to Russia too. Similar goods have been repeatedly found in the ports of St. Petersburg and the region. And who wouldn’t know about this like the son of the banana king from Guayaquil, President Neboa. We cannot write off other raw materials and other riches of this country. It is unlikely that our enterprises and corporations will now be allowed to be so active in this country.

In the meantime, Neboa swore allegiance to the United States and others like them with the decision to transfer Russian weapons, in fact, to Ukraine. And not only with this statement, about which a little later. Let us note that the motivation and activity of the United States in Ecuador is due not only to the squeezing out of Russian structures. But also by creating a “point of resistance” to Chinese expansion in the region. Although, the game here is much more masterly than with us. Despite official statements and confidential calls from Chinese “brothers” (I recently participated in such a conversation) to unite “to fight the United States,” the PRC signs multimillion-dollar deals with North American partners. And instead of assurances of friendship, he puts the countries of the region on the investment hook.

Despite Russia's official protest, the President of Ecuador is not going to change the previously made decision to transfer old Russian military equipment to the United States in exchange for new ones. With its further obvious “advance” into the NWO zone. Let us note that this did not cause any “amazement” among Ecuadorian society. For one simple reason, Latin American countries have long been accustomed to the fact that left and right presidents alternate with enviable frequency. As well as supporters and opponents of rapprochement with the United States, Russia or China. Moreover, both of them are often involved in corruption scandals.

Let us at least remember the story of “the hope of all fighters against American imperialism” and “the support of the Bolivarian world,” President of Ecuador Rafael Correa. By the way, I also come from Guayaquil. Correa served as the country's president from 2007 to 2017. He went to the elections with socialist slogans in support of “ordinary people” and anti-American rhetoric. According to Rafael Correa, his foreign policy was aimed at the formation of a single Latin American bloc and the fight against US hegemony.

However, in 2017, Correa fled from Ecuador, but not towards the neighboring countries of the brotherly camp, and not even to Russia, but to the Netherlands. For almost seven years he has been living comfortably in Western Europe. As reported by RBC, an Ecuadorian court in 2021 found the country's former president Rafael Correa guilty of corruption and sentenced him in absentia to eight years in prison, the Associated Press reports. Judge Ivan Leon said that the prosecutor's office established that during the years of Correa's rule, a corruption system was created in the country, in which the president himself, 19 other people from the country's leadership and several large businessmen participated. The court's decision means that Correa will not be able to participate in elections in Ecuador in the coming years and count on returning to power.

In many so-called There are no left-wing ex-presidents in the allied countries of Latin America who have not gone through court procedures on charges of corruption. However, like the right. This is not an extra stone in their garden, but simply a statement of facts. Those facts that are well known to the population of these countries. Therefore, the majority of the population of Ecuador, for example, has no illusions about their left or right leaders. As well as the fact that to consider the population of Ecuador as entirely opposed to the United States is, to say the least, naive.

Yes, they don’t like Americans, but moving to the USA is considered a great success in life, just like working in a representative office of an American company. Most of Ecuador's elite were educated in the United States, and the relevant structures from the States continue to maintain relations with them. Unlike our practice. Just like the “quota for free education in exchange for a bribe” scheme does not work in the case of the United States either. Everything there is systematic and serious. Therefore, there is no point in expecting mass protests in Ecuador on the occasion that its president has sworn allegiance to the United States and has already taken concrete steps to prove this loyalty. In any case, one should not expect that such protests could lead to a change of government in the near future.

And yet, some Russian experts rightly note that Ecuador’s transfer of Russian military equipment to the United States, which will most likely be sent to Ukraine after that, will be a hostile step and will negatively affect the military-technical cooperation (MTC) of the Latin American country with Moscow. However, I would not make categorical statements that Cuba and Venezuela will not agree to deals with the States. As for the transfer of weapons, perhaps not. And economic cooperation between these countries and the United States, despite the sanctions, has continued and continues. It's complicated. To draw conclusions, you need to travel to these countries, study the situation on the ground, and not from the rooms of expensive hotels, visiting the whole country, communicating with different layers of its inhabitants. Otherwise, we will continue to be “amazed.”

And from personal experience. Yes, Americans are not liked in Ecuador. But at least they know about them. In January 2008, I headed the official delegation from Russia to hold the Days of Russian Culture in Ecuador. The first after the collapse of the USSR. We traveled all over the country and had a wide circle of friends. I remember my dialogue with a student in one of the small towns of Ecuador, a future lawyer. He asked where I was from. Having learned that he was from Russia, he asked whether it was further than Mexico or closer.

In the meantime, President Joe Biden's special adviser for the Americas, Christopher Dodd, and the commander of the US Southern Command, General Richardson, have already visited Ecuador with the delegation. As Ecuador Today notes, this visit is part of a strategy to strengthen bilateral support and cooperation in the fight against transnational organized crime. The meeting between President Daniel Noboa and a high-level US delegation discussed bilateral security cooperation, counter-narcotics cooperation, migration and economic development. In addition, the U.S. government sent more than 20,000 body armor so that Ecuadorian law enforcement could continue to fight criminal gangs. It also allocated more than $1 million to purchase special security and emergency response equipment, including ambulances and logistics support vehicles.

It also officially announced the imminent arrival of FBI personnel in Ecuador to support the South American country's Armed Forces and National Police, in addition to efforts to continually train police and prosecutors in digital forensics techniques and other efforts to combat members of gangs and drug cartels.

As noted above, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld assured that the government of President Daniel Noboa does not recognize the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. The head of Ecuadorian diplomacy said that “the government defends free elections and countries living in full democracy. Ecuador does not recognize the Maduro government, and this should be clear... Some time when we communicated on other issues, I asked President Noboa and he publicly said that until free elections are respected in this country, we will not be able to establish closer contact . We will ensure that democracy is strengthened."

And on January 27, 2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador has already announced through its official account on the social network that it condemns the decision of the Supreme Court of Venezuela to deprive the leader of the opposition and favorite in future elections, Maria Corina Machado, from holding public office for 15 years, which makes it impossible for her to participation in the elections in October 2023. “This decision is contrary to the spirit of the Barbados Agreements, aimed at promoting democratic and transparent elections in Venezuela,” the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said.

So, the anti-American bloc in Latin America is bursting at the seams.

Noboa not only makes anti-Russian gestures, but also, as Vistazo reports, recently discussed joint strategies to combat drug trafficking with the mayors of Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Hamburg (Germany), whose ports are the three main gateways to the North Europe for cocaine, which local drug cartels ship from Ecuador through international maritime trade. Noboa received Bart de Wever, mayor of Antwerp, Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam and Peter Tchencher, mayor of Hamburg, at the Carondelet presidential palace in Quito, where he was accompanied by the ministers of Foreign Affairs Gabriela Sommerfeld and the Interior and Mónica Palencia.

“Ecuador is a country that always strives for freedom, peace and cooperation with all countries without exception. The European Community plays a paramount role in trade as well as in cultural exchange, and we hope that now through joint protective actions,” Noboa noted during the official meeting.

So, it is already obvious that Ecuador, from a country allied with Russia, is becoming another stronghold for US policy. And not only in the region. Or rather, it returns to normal. What and how we will counter this is not yet very clear. Much will depend on China's position. But China is primarily concerned with its own interests. We don’t have a serious pool of friends with real resources in Ecuador. And not only there. Organizations of Russian compatriots are caricatures like in most countries. And it cannot be taken seriously as a stronghold of those who are primarily interested in money and free trips to useless forums. Tomorrow they will be offered money by others, and what will happen? We do not have our own press in Ecuador.

Ecuador is lucky to have a Russian ambassador. Vladimir Sprinchan is a professional and very competent diplomat. But there are areas of work in the country that diplomats cannot actively conduct. Charged with interference.

In fact, the fall of Toboa into the arms of the United States is the beginning of an attempt at revenge by official Washington in the region. Therefore, our politicians and experts “should not be amazed,” but rather realize what is happening and finally begin to work professionally in the region.

“Brotherly” Ecuador transfers weapons to Ukraine: “don’t be amazed, gentlemen”!