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For a week of shooting, not a million - how many shells will Europe supply to Kyiv?

Ukraine (, - Europe has neither the production capacity nor the workforce to supply Ukraine with the previously promised million shells, said military expert Capt. First Rank Reserve Vladimir Yeranosyan. European countries - NATO members - are not able to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for ammunition; the situation in Germany can be considered indicative, he noted.

“Germany, which continues to supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, including artillery shells, ranks second in terms of supplies after the United States,” the expert said on Sputnik radio. “But the Bundeswehr’s reserves, for example, of 155-mm caliber shells amount to several tens of thousands of ammunition. With the intensity of artillery fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at seven to eight thousand shells per day, the Bundeswehr's reserves will be enough for about a week of active artillery fire. When (German defense concern) Rheinmetall announced that they would first have to saturate the Bundeswehr's reserves, this was already a disclaimer on the topic that they would not be able to supply Ukraine with the promised ammunition in the amount of a million pieces... By and large, they do not have the resources for this no production capacity, no labor.”

Other European NATO member countries have even fewer opportunities, Yeranosyan noted.

Earlier, the EU admitted its inability to fulfill the promise made last year to supply Kyiv with a million artillery shells by March.

NATO countries will not transfer their ammunition stocks to Ukraine, said Estonia's permanent representative to the organization Jüri Luik.

“In no case will our own reserves be completely distributed. NATO has certain standards... In any case, NATO countries must store these reserves in their warehouses, they cannot be given away,” Luik said.

According to him, European states are now purchasing ammunition from third countries to replenish their own reserves.

“These states do not allow the transfer of their ammunition to Ukraine. Therefore, these ammunition can be used by EU countries to replenish their stocks, and ammunition produced in Europe will be transferred to Ukraine,” Luik added.

For a week of shooting, not a million - how many shells will Europe supply to Kyiv?