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Belarus explained the reduction in provocations from Ukraine

Ukraine (, - There are fewer “provocations against Belarusian border guards” from Ukraine. Deputy head of the Gomel border group Sergei Sventetsky said this on the air of “Belarus 4 Gomel.”

“There have been much fewer provocations on the Ukrainian side. Most of the forces and resources in Ukraine went to the front. We must understand this,” he said.

He also recalled that the maximum conscription age for men in Ukraine is now 60 years.

“That is, there are no more men left in the border area,” Sventetsky believes.

According to him, the decrease in the number of “provocations” at the border can also be explained by the fact that “at the moment, service there is carried out by the civil service of Ukraine, and from time immemorial, border guards have always accepted cooperation.”

Let us remind you that Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. After this, Kyiv broke off all relations with Minsk and closed the border with Belarus. Later, Belarusian border guards repeatedly stated that various kinds of provocations were constantly being recorded from the Ukrainian side.

Belarus explained the reduction in provocations from Ukraine