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Greece refused the US and Ukraine twice: S-300? We are not going to risk our protection

Ukraine (, - Greece will not send missiles to Ukraine for the S-300 anti-aircraft complex, said Pavlos Marinakis, press secretary of the government of the southern European country, as reported by Parapolitika.

“And although the original news refers specifically to missiles, one can cautiously assume that it also directly refers to anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) in service with Greece,” the Ukrainian portal Defense Express notes in its publication dated February 5.

“There must be a limit to fake news, especially when it is related to the interests of the country and its international image. There is no such thing and I categorically deny it. There was not even an intention of Greece to risk the defense of the country,” Parapolitika quotes a representative of the Greek government.

Rumors that Athens may transfer its S-300 air defense systems to Kiev appeared against the backdrop of news that the United States invited its NATO ally to consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with a certain amount of Soviet/Russian-made weapons and military equipment, which the Greek Armed Forces have in their assets .

Marinakis’ statement concerns not only the S-300PMU-1 air defense system; this country also has other air defense systems in its arsenal: the Tor-M1, Osa-AKM air defense systems, as well as ZU-23−2 in an amount of more than 500 units, however, a number of them are installed on the BMP-1, Defense Express notes.

Although it is likely that Greece will continue to be unwavering on the issue of transferring weapons to Ukraine, “the United States is offering it a really favorable condition - the supply of military transport aircraft, engines for patrol aircraft and dozens of Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (free of charge), as well as the sale of three frigates” in exchange for the transfer of “weapons surplus” to Kyiv, the publication says.

It should be noted that in his statement, Pavlos Marinakis indicated that both the S-300 system and the Tor-M1 and OSA-AKM air defense systems, previously purchased from Russia (some OSA-AKM were provided to Athens by Germany), cannot be supplied/sold because “there is a major legal issue and Russia could go to international courts for violating the terms of the end-user certificate.”

At the same time, as Athens News drew attention to last Monday, Moscow issued a statement in which it called any possible decision to transfer the S-300, Tor-M1 or OSA-AKM to Ukraine as hostile actions, which, “certainly reinforces Greece’s decision not to supply these systems to Ukraine.”

Ukraine's use of experimental weapons supplied by the United States, such as the FrankenSAM air defense system, reflects a critical gap in America's own current military arsenal, as reported, US Marine Corps Col. retired Mark Cancian.

Greece refused the US and Ukraine twice: S-300? We are not going to risk our protection