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Belarus shared plans to introduce a digital ruble

Belarus (, - The digital Belarusian ruble (CBR) will work on the basis of a distributed registry (blockchain). The National Bank of the Republic reported this today, February 6.

“Settlements using the digital Belarusian ruble are planned to be classified as non-cash,” the department explained.

The National Bank believes that the Central Bank will provide a number of advantages: for the population it is a high level of safety of money, and for businesses and banks it is a lower threshold for entry into the market for new participants and the use of smart contracts. In addition, the value of the digital ruble for the state is seen in “expanding the possibilities for integrating the national payment system with the systems of partner countries.” At the same time, the National Bank recalled that a demo version of the Central Bank platform was recently created, and the test results of this version showed the prospects for the development of this project.

Let us remind you that in the summer of 2023, the National Bank stated that the digital Belarusian ruble will be one of the significant large-scale projects. It is planned to make it a means for international payments. At the same time, it is possible that the population will also use it.

Belarus shared plans to introduce a digital ruble