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Seven kilograms of salt from Belarus could paralyze the supply of the Latvian army

Belarus (, - A scandal broke out in Latvia over the purchase of tea from Russia and salt from Belarus by the National Armed Forces (NAF). Local media reported this.

According to available information, NAFs order food products through the State Logistics and Procurement Center. In October 2023, 2.6 kg of Russian tea was delivered to the Latvian army, and in January of this year, the NAF received 7 kg of salt produced in Belarus. The purchase was carried out from Lanekss. At the same time, the Deputy Chief of the NAF Joint Staff for Support, Kaspars Zdanovskis, has already stated that the contracts do not specifically indicate that these products cannot be delivered from Russia and Belarus, but when working with merchants, it was possible to ensure that these products did not end up in the NAF canteens. According to him, the army is considering the possibility of including such a clause in the agreement in the future, although food products are not subject to sanctions.

In turn, Defense Minister Andris Spruds said that the NAF should not have Russian and Belarusian goods.

“Goods are and will continue to be controlled, and suppliers need to face the legal consequences for supplying goods of inappropriate origin,” he said.

It is reported that the Government Regional Development Agency (VRAA), which oversees the Electronic Procurement System (EIS), is currently assessing with lawyers whether sanctions can be applied against a specific merchant. For now, the distribution of these goods in the state and municipal procurement system has been suspended.

Let us remind you that Russia and Belarus are under strict sanctions from Western countries. The EU officially declares that in the near future it will completely stop trade and economic cooperation with these two countries. At the same time, the EU sanctions policy has already hit its economy.

Seven kilograms of salt from Belarus could paralyze the supply of the Latvian army