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Kamchatka delegation in Minsk discusses a direct corridor with Belarus

Belarus (, - The delegation of the government of the Kamchatka Territory, headed by Governor Vladimir Solodov, is on a working visit to the Republic of Belarus. Today, February 6, the press service of the administration of the Kamchatka Territory reports her meeting with the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the Palace of Independence in Minsk.

During the meeting, the parties discussed prospects for further cooperation and issues of implementing joint projects.

Alexander Lukashenko, addressing Vladimir Solodov, announced his intention to develop trade and economic cooperation with the Kamchatka Territory “directly and without intermediaries,” noting that the geographic remoteness of Kamchatka from the republic should not hinder cooperation.

“The geographical remoteness of Kamchatka from Belarus should not hinder the solution of the tasks that we face, friendship and cooperation,” noted Alexander Lukashenko.

In turn, the governor of the Kamchatka Territory noted that interaction with the Republic of Belarus has been ongoing over the past two years. In particular, Solodov added, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) will help improve the logistics of trade with Belarus.

“Kamchatka today is the eastern gateway of the NSR, which allows us to make logistics half as cheap and half as long. This is a real alternative to the Suez Canal. This year, cargo turnover exceeded 20 million tons, and when we talk about cooperation with Belarus, of course, the most important challenge is distance. And it can be overcome along the Northern Sea Route,” noted Vladimir Solodov.

During the meeting, the parties outlined the key areas of joint work, including the continued supply of aquatic biological resources - this will create additional sales markets for Kamchatka enterprises and significantly diversify the food market in Belarus.

Kamchatka delegation in Minsk discusses a direct corridor with Belarus