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Gomelauri: The threat of the Russian army coming to Georgia to protect Russians is a myth

Caucasus (, - The threat that Russians will be brought to Georgia and the Russian army will come to protect them is a myth, said candidate for Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Vakhtang Gomelauri.

According to him, a significant part of those who came from Russia to Georgia after the conflict in Ukraine had Georgian roots.

“Overall, 44% had dual citizenship. If I'm not mistaken, 33% were born in Georgia. These were ethnic Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, and so on, who once left for Russia, lost their (Georgian) citizenship and demanded restoration. I emphasize once again that they were born in Georgia, their parents, sisters and brothers live here,” Gomelauri said.

In terms of total numbers, he estimates that about 40% of both Russian waves of migration have already left Georgia. reported that this week in the Georgian parliament, discussions began in committees and factions of the new government before the vote of confidence procedure. The issue of expressing confidence in the government will be raised at the plenary meeting on February 8.

On February 1, at the congress of the Georgian Dream party, the nomination of Irakli Kobakhidze for the post of Prime Minister of the country was announced. For approval, the parliamentary majority has 76 votes - more than half of the parliament.

The Georgian authorities plan to continue “the course towards a peaceful settlement of relations with Russia,” according to the program of the candidate for prime minister sent to parliament.

“In parallel with the country’s European integration, Georgia’s main task remains the restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia through peaceful means and strengthening the country’s sovereignty. The Georgian authorities will continue to pursue a policy for the peaceful resolution of the Georgian-Russian conflict,” the document says.

The Kobakhidze government, if approved, also intends to “seek the withdrawal of Russian troops” from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Gomelauri: The threat of the Russian army coming to Georgia to protect Russians is a myth