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Egypt, Qatar and the United States do not allow Israel to “cut off the oxygen” for Hamas – media

Greater Middle East (, - “We have made it abundantly clear that Rafah is an important conduit for the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza,” the Jerusalem Post reported, citing comments from US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel at a briefing for press on Monday, February 5.

Commenting on Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant's statement regarding the IDF's plans for Rafah, he added that the border crossing "is an important conduit for foreign nationals, including US citizens and other legal persons, to leave Gaza safely. It is also a place where more than a million people are sheltering, and so we would like any operation carried out in this region to take this into account,” the Jerusalem Post notes.

Actions of Egypt, USA, Qatar show no signs of “cessation of Hamas activities” - Israeli media

The actions of all the mediators, including Egypt, Qatar and even the United States of America, indicate that Hamas “will remain in the Gaza Strip,” Lebanese satellite channel Al Mayadeen reported, citing an analysis of Israeli media materials.

It is emphasized that a commentator on Arab issues on the Israeli Channel 13, Zvi Yehezkeli, said that Qatar could “put an end to Hamas in just one day by ending its support and funding.” According to him, Egypt “also preserves Hamas.”

The Israeli commentator added that the United States, through its insistence on allowing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, is “saving air and oxygen for Hamas,” the Lebanese channel noted.

Yehezkeli stressed that talk of “eliminating Hamas, dismantling its military capabilities and not harming civilians” is completely unclear, even for the (Israeli) cabinet. He added that the government believes "Hamas has roots in Gaza and it is not easy to eliminate it," Al Mayadeen reported.

Egypt, Qatar and the United States do not allow Israel to “cut off the oxygen” for Hamas – media