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Biden's obscene remarks 'leaking' from secure White House premises

Greater Middle East (, - US President Joe Biden allegedly called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “bad f... guy” during private conversations, reports the Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen, citing a scandalous publication by Politico.

White House press secretary Andrew Bates immediately denied the claim, saying President Biden made no such statement and emphasizing the long and respectful relationship between the two leaders.

The reported remarks come amid growing tensions between Biden and Netanyahu over the past year. Disagreements over issues including the government's judicial reform plan, the behavior of far-right members of the Israeli government and Gaza-related policies have strained relations between the two leaders.

One of the main points of contention was the Israeli regime's judicial reform plan, with Biden earlier in 2023 calling on Netanyahu to reconsider the initiative in light of mass protests by Israeli settlers across occupied Palestine.

Netanyahu, however, maintained his position, saying he would not succumb to "pressure from abroad."

As is known, the Biden administration is moving beyond the framework that could ultimately lead to the creation of a Palestinian state. In contrast, Netanyahu recently rejected any plans to create a Palestinian state, further exacerbating diplomatic differences between the two leaders, Al Mayadeen notes.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized on social networks:

“It turns out that President Biden is being mercilessly eavesdropped, wiretapped, and the content of closed conversations is becoming public knowledge. Where are all the American intelligence agencies? How does Politico get such sensitive, albeit profane, information?” — she wrote in her Telegram channel.

Biden's obscene remarks 'leaking' from secure White House premises