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IDF prepares for operation in Rafah, Gazans will be returned to the north of the strip

After Khan Yunis, the Israeli military is preparing to enter Rafah on the Gaza side, which was reported to Egypt, since the city is located directly on the border.

There are currently more than a million Gazans in the city, including evacuees. Cairo is concerned that after the start of hostilities they will break through the border and end up on Egyptian territory, which Egypt categorically does not want. Moreover, Egyptian authorities said that the appearance of refugees would mean a break in the peace treaty with Israel.

Israel said it would evacuate Gazans from the Rafah area before hostilities begin in the area. Israel also considered the possibility of allowing the return of Gazans from the south to the north of the strip, perhaps initially only women and children.

In recent days, Israel has held talks with Egypt on the issue of the day after tomorrow. On the Israeli side, the negotiations were led by the head of the Shin Bet, Ronen Bar, and the coordinator of government operations in the territories. Israel views Egypt as a very significant factor the next day, this is because Egypt is the only land entry and exit point into the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamas is regaining power in the North.

Hamas has begun to re-emerge in areas from which Israel withdrew most of its forces a month ago, deploying police officers in recent days and paying partial salaries to some of its government employees in Gaza City.

Four Gaza City residents told The Associated Press that uniformed and plainclothes police have been stationed near police headquarters and other government offices, including near Shifa Hospital, in recent days.

A Gaza City resident said the cousin received funds from a makeshift Hamas office near the hospital that was set up to distribute $200 payments to government workers, including police officers and municipal employees.

IDF prepares for operation in Rafah, Gazans will be returned to the north of the strip