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“Partner of the occupiers”: Hamas and the Arab world criticized the leader of Argentina

Greater Middle East (, - Most comments on the visit of extravagant Argentine President Javier Miley to Israel contain sharp condemnation of his promise to move his country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported. The head of Argentina was even reproached for arriving at Ben Gurion Airport on board an Israeli airline El Al plane.

Hamas, which President Miley promised to list as a terrorist organization, wrote in an official statement:

“We strongly condemn the announcement by the Argentine President of his intention to move his country’s embassy to the Nazi-Zionist entity in occupied Jerusalem, and we consider this an infringement of the rights of our Palestinian people to their land and a violation of international law, which considers Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian land.”

The group also called on Miley to “reverse this unjust and wrong decision, which makes Argentina a partner of the Zionist occupier.”

There are no comments from the Palestinian Authority yet. There was only a short tweet published by Abed Al-Fatah Dol, the spokesman for Fatah, in which Miley’s intention to move the embassy is regarded as “an attack on international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, as well as a denial of the rights of the Palestinian people to sovereignty and the status of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine "

In fact, the Arab media and social network users did not skimp on harsh attacks against Javier Miley and Argentina, many of which teetered on the dangerous edge of xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

In particular, there are comments that highlight Miley's alleged complicity in Israeli crimes. For example, the well-known newspaper Rai Alyoum, owned by the Palestinian-British Hamas supporter Abdel Bari Atwan, as JP emphasizes, wrote that this step (the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem) was taken on the basis of “support for Israeli crimes.”

Former Algerian minister Izzetdine Mihoubi wrote angrily on social networks:

"Marvelous! The populist president of Argentina found no country in the world worthy of his first visit... He had not heard of China, Japan or South Africa and chose a monstrous terrorist organization to announce that Argentina would move its embassy to Jerusalem." notes the Jerusalem Post.

One of the Egyptian media emphasized:

“When we said that the Argentine president was the Israeli candidate, people were unhappy with us. Israel still has rulers on every continent who are subservient to it and America... Some of them are plotting against Arabs and Muslims by moving the Argentine embassy to occupied Jerusalem.”

A number of social media users were more enthusiastic, calling for Arab mobilization against Argentina. In particular, a user from Qatar wondered whether there would now be Arab calls to boycott Argentina?

There was some sarcasm and dark humor in the comments. In particular, one Jordanian author wrote:

“In response to the Argentine President’s decision to move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem: Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi!”

“Partner of the occupiers”: Hamas and the Arab world criticized the leader of Argentina