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Guatemala recognizes Taiwan as an independent state

Asia (, - Despite the desire to develop ties with the People's Republic of China, the Guatemalan authorities are committed to maintaining relations with Taiwan and consider the island an independent state. This statement was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central American country, TASS reports.

“In light of the speculation generated by the Reuters interview, Foreign Minister Carlos Ramiro Martinez confirmed to the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Guatemala the recognition of this country as an independent state with which democratic values and mutual respect are shared. Guatemala reaffirms excellent political and diplomatic relations and strong friendship with the Republic of China (Taiwan), a country with which historical and fraternal ties have been maintained for 89 years. The Government of Guatemala reaffirms its commitment to further strengthening diplomatic ties, cooperation and friendship with the Republic of China (Taiwan),” the agency quotes from the department’s statement.

TASS recalls that Guatemala is on the list of 12 countries that maintain official contacts with Taipei.

Earlier in an interview with Reuters, Martinez said that the republic seeks to develop trade ties with China and at the same time maintain relations with Taiwan.

Guatemala recognizes Taiwan as an independent state