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Congress in martial law: not a cent for Ukraine and Israel

Ukraine (, - One of the most chaotic days during the current session of Congress. The House of Representatives tried to pass a bill to allocate $17 billion in military tranches to Israel, but was unsuccessful - there were not enough votes to override Joe Biden's veto. Political scientist writes about this in his Telegram channel.

Left-wing Democrats flatly refuse to support Israel, accusing it of genocide, and the right wing of Republicans demands a reduction in government spending. Therefore, earlier Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson proposed to allocate money to Israel and take the same amount from the US Internal Revenue Service.

But that project was eventually scrapped. The right-wing Trumpist Republicans are very tough. They don’t want to allocate a single cent to Ukraine and Israel at all. They have two priorities - stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and resolving the situation with a $2 trillion budget deficit and national debt. The Fed already admits that the national debt threatens the stability of the American economy.

There is no progress either with government spending or with migrants. Therefore, the issue with tranches is stuck. After all, the lower house today cannot accept anything at all in conditions of a split. Even the decision to impeach the head of the Department of Homeland Security failed.

But there is one beneficiary of Washington's dysfunction: Donald Trump. It is easier for him to conduct a campaign criticizing the deep state, exposing it as a complete failure. He is now organizing a purge inside the Republican Party, putting it completely under his control. And he hopes that the situation in Washington will only get worse, undermining Joe Biden's presidency.

Congress in martial law: not a cent for Ukraine and Israel