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Ukraine aid bill blocked in US Senate

Ukraine (, - A bipartisan bill providing for the allocation of budget funding for the protection of US borders and assistance to Ukraine and Israel has been blocked in the US Senate. This is evidenced by the voting results.

The bill failed to get enough votes. 49 senators were in favor, 50 were against, and for further advancement the document needed to get 60 votes, TASS reports.

The bill provided for an additional budget of more than $118 billion, of which $60.06 billion was supposed to be used to support Ukraine, $14.1 billion to help Israel and $20.23 billion to secure the US southern border.

As reported yesterday, a bipartisan agreement to strengthen US border security with Mexico, linked to assistance to Ukraine, suffered an almost certain defeat, as Senate Republicans announced their disagreement, reported.

President Joe Biden called on lawmakers to pass a bipartisan Senate deal that combines border security measures with $60 billion in military aid for Kyiv, as well as billions of dollars for Israel and U.S. allies in Asia. But Biden, as well as Senate Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Republican Mitch McConnell, ran into resistance from conservatives led by Donald Trump, who rejected the border proposal as insufficient, the article said.

Ukraine aid bill blocked in US Senate