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Ritter: Putin's interview with Carlson will be a bomb

USA (, - The interview of American journalist Tucker Carlson with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be a bomb that will reveal the truth to viewers. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by Scott Ritter, a former American intelligence officer and UN inspector for monitoring the elimination of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

“The example of Julian Assange shows that good journalism that highlights issues that are inconvenient for American politics can have fatal consequences. I'm not saying this will happen to Tucker, I think Tucker will return to the US and not even be touched. I think his interview will be a bomb, it will reveal the truth about everything,” Ritter said.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Carlson met and talked with Putin. According to him, the interview will be released “as it is prepared.” According to The Wall Street Journal, Carlson will publish the interview on February 8. It is expected to appear on the journalist's page on X (formerly Twitter) and on his official website.

On February 6, Carlson announced that he would seek an interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, since all previous interviews of the Ukrainian leader in the American media were not journalism, but propaganda.

Ritter: Putin's interview with Carlson will be a bomb