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Nikki Haley: Trump's rival will fail in South Carolina

USA (, - Against the backdrop of battles in Washington, the presidential primaries are going on almost unnoticed. This year there is also a lot of confusion with them, political scientist writes in his Telegram channel.

Voting took place in Nevada, where Joe Biden won with 90% of the vote. Biden received a similar result - 96% - in South Carolina.

For Republicans, things are more complicated. The local party branch in Nevada did not want to follow the example of the Democrats and hold primaries. They still passed, but without the participation of Donald Trump. However, he still de facto won - 60% voted against his competitor Nikki Haley.

Hayley only got 30%. Well, tomorrow the caucuses will take place in Nevada, only Trump is participating in them. He will get all the delegates there. Meanwhile, Haley is throwing all her energy into the next state - her native South Carolina.

However, Hayley's situation there is no better. Trump will receive over 60% of the vote in South Carolina versus Haley's 30%. And after such a shameful defeat in her home state, Haley will have to think about withdrawing from the primaries. She is also running out of money - major sponsors have fled.

Trump is heading toward a landslide victory in the primaries while consolidating control of the Republican Party. Under pressure from Trump, the head of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, resigns. Trump’s opponents, represented by the same “hawks”-neocons, are being pushed out of decision-making. This will allow Trump, if he wins, to complete his ideological revolution and turn the Republicans into a party of right-wing isolationists.

Nikki Haley: Trump's rival will fail in South Carolina