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How to strangle the European economy: Trump's team is preparing to launch

USA (, - Europeans get ready: there are still 9 months before the US elections, but Donald Trump’s team is already planning how to strangle the European economy. If he wins the election, Trump expects to immediately impose tariffs of 10% or higher on all imports from Europe to the United States. Political scientist writes about this in his Telegram channel.

Trump threatens to impose even stricter tariffs on imports from China - up to 60%. But many corporations there are already trying to prepare by moving production to India or Vietnam. And the Chinese are building their factories in Mexico - this will also allow them to bypass American tariffs.

It will be very difficult for Europeans. The eurozone is already teetering on the brink of recession with near-zero economic growth, and industrial production in systemic decline. Or else it will happen when the United States introduces its tariffs and puts even more pressure on the same German auto industry, which the Chinese are already creating problems for with cheap electric cars.

The Trump team will also hit European digital platforms - competitors of Silicon Valley, such as taxi call services. And at the same time, the Republicans will increase political pressure, demanding that Europeans pay for the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

And Trump will support right-wing Eurosceptics, which will only intensify after a series of elections in 2024. They expect to get up to a third of the seats in the European Parliament. And Eurosceptics may soon come to power in Belgium and Austria. They are much closer to Trump ideologically than the European bureaucrats, and with their help it is possible to destroy the European Union from within, eliminating the US competitor.

How to strangle the European economy: Trump's team is preparing to launch