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Slovakia is ready to support any peace plan for Ukraine

Ukraine (, - Bratislava will support any peace plan for Ukraine, no matter who proposes it. This was stated on February 7 by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia Juraj Blanar.

“The Slovak government is in favor of a peaceful solution [to the conflict] in Ukraine and will support any peace plan, regardless of who proposes it,” he said.

According to him, “NATO has nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine,” and providing assistance to Kyiv is a matter of bilateral relations between the bloc’s member states and Kiev.

“NATO does not supply anything, no weapons. We respect that this is a matter of bilateral relations. If the allies decide that they will supply weapons and think that this conflict has a military solution, we respect that. At the same time, we expect that our allies will respect the fact that we have stopped the supply of weapons at the government level from the warehouses of the armed forces of the Republic. We think that this [conflict in Ukraine] has no military solution,” Blanar emphasized.

He also noted that NATO is “the most reliable security guarantee” for Slovakia. At the same time, he called the assertions that “the Russian army is going to attack Poland or someone else” “not entirely professionally substantiated.”

“Can you imagine the Russian army attacking one of the NATO member states, which is guided by Article 5? This is a global conflict, this is the Third World War, and we reject this,” said the Slovak minister.

Speaking about why the Slovak government did not join the initiative of several states condemning the alleged Russian supply of weapons from the DPRK and their use in Ukraine, Blanar said that “there is no evidence that ballistic missiles from North Korea were specifically used December 30 and January 2 during shelling of Ukraine.”

“When we receive it [evidence], then, of course, we will condemn it,” Blanar said, adding that Slovakia is clearly guided by UN Security Council resolutions.

Let us recall that earlier Slovakia sharply condemned Russia for conducting a special military operation in Ukraine. With the coming to power of the government of Robert Fico, Bratislava's position changed. Now Slovakia does not officially supply weapons to Kyiv and advocates a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

Slovakia is ready to support any peace plan for Ukraine