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Russia has created a unique drone for Saudi Arabia

The unique drone “Rope walker” created in Russia helped solve problems associated with the maintenance and repair of power lines in Saudi Arabia, TASS reports citing the director of the development company “Laboratory of the Future” Alexander Lemekh.

He noted that the “Rope walker” has been successfully used in the kingdom since last year.

The drone is equipped with a flying platform and modules for working on high-voltage power line wires.

According to Lemekh, Russian engineers have made a breakthrough. They managed to resolve the issues of electromagnetic compatibility between the drone and power lines.

Conventional drones fail if they are near power lines due to a powerful electromagnetic field. The “rope walker” “can land directly on the wire, where there is approximately 220 kilovolts, and the device does not fail,” explained the agency’s interlocutor.

Russia has created a unique drone for Saudi Arabia