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Blinken returns to Washington empty-handed - opinion

Greater Middle East (, - From the point of view of the Netanyahu coalition government, there is no change - the war in Gaza continues. For Hamas, fighting from the tunnels also continues. And for the Palestinians, who are killed in the hundreds every day in Gaza, the war also continues, Al-Jazeera emphasizes in its analysis.

Mediators in Egypt, Qatar and the United States will have to rack their brains a bit as they try to figure out how to move things forward. What's next?

At yesterday's press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one could hear the disappointment in the voice of Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He came to make a deal, but didn't get it. According to some Arab media, the American turned out to be something of a rejected lover who has just been completely rejected but still thinks he has a chance, Al Jazeera notes.

Blinken is still trying to bridge the huge gap between Israel and Hamas. Apparently he's right, maybe there's still a chance. But at the moment he is returning to Washington empty-handed, Al Jazeera concludes.

Blinken returns to Washington empty-handed - opinion