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October 7 cannot be a license for Israel to dehumanize others - Blinken

Greater Middle East (, - Israel “must not lose sight of the humanity of the Palestinians in Gaza,” the Jerusalem Post reported, highlighting the words of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a visit on February 7. The American called on the government to do more to protect civilians in the enclave.

“On October 7, the Israelis were deprived of their human dignity in the most appalling way. The hostages have been humiliated every day since then, but this cannot be a license to deprive others of their humanity,” Blinken told reporters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening.

In his conversations with Israeli officials earlier in the day, he spoke of the high number of Palestinian deaths in Gaza. Hamas claims more than 27,000 Palestinians were killed. Israel said that more than 9 thousand of them are militants, the Jerusalem Post notes.

“The daily toll Israeli military operations are causing on innocent civilians remains too high,” Blinken said. “We call on Israel to do more to help civilians, knowing full well that it faces an enemy that will never adhere to these standards,” the US Secretary of State said. “This is an enemy that cynically infiltrates men, women and children and fires missiles from hospitals, schools, mosques and residential buildings,” Blinken said.

“An enemy whose leaders surround themselves with hostages. An enemy who has publicly declared his goal to kill as many innocent civilians as possible simply because they are Jews, and to wipe Israel off the map,” the secretary of state added.

The United States has "made clear that Israel is fully justified in confronting Hamas and other terrorist organizations," Blinken said from a visit to Israel. “The United States has done more than any other country to support Israel's right to ensure that October 7 never happens again,” he said.

However, Blinken emphasized that “the vast majority of people in Gaza had nothing to do with October 7.” To help increase humanitarian aid for the sector, Israel should speed up the receipt of supplies from Jordan and open the Eretz crossing so aid can reach northern Gaza more quickly, he said.

The families in Gaza who depend on aid for survival are just like our families, he said.

“Their mothers and fathers want to earn a decent living, send their children to school and lead a normal life. This is who they are. This is what they want. We cannot, we must not, lose sight of this. We cannot, we must not, lose sight of our common humanity,” Blinken said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Washington, judging by statements by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, is clearly torn between unconditional support for Israel in the Gaza massacre and hypocritical calls for humanitarianism towards the Palestinians.

October 7 cannot be a license for Israel to dehumanize others - Blinken