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Tucker Carlson is in Russia - He is following orders from the Kremlin - Putin Interview

On Friday, February 9, at two o'clock in the morning Moscow time, journalist Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin will air

You can watch it on Tucker Carlson’s personal blog, on his YouTube channel and on the X social network page.

Of course, the interview will immediately be replicated by many other information platforms.

The main topics of the interview were voiced by Carlson himself: about the political situation in the world, about the special operation in Ukraine.

Because "the Western media is corrupt, it lies to its readers and viewers and it does so through omission," Tucker said, he wants to give his viewers the full picture of what is happening.

“The current world order and economic system in the world are quickly falling apart. But the Americans are not being told anything about this,” Tucker continued in his address to the audience, which in itself became a sensation. And now all of America is waiting for a sensational interview.

It’s interesting that in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet you can encounter some confusion:

“Why is everyone making such a fuss? Putin outlines all his positions every day. Why such interest?” Firstly, after all, we are waiting for something sensational. Everything is possible. Secondly, it will be interesting for Russian residents to watch the reactions in the United States. And thirdly, look at the work of the most famous journalist in the United States.

The interview, as Tucker promises, will be conducted without editing.

But they are not fussing here, not in Russia. But in the USA and Europe it’s just hysterical.

- Tucker's visit -

Journalist Tucker Carlson's visit to Moscow was covered as if it were a visit by a diplomat or statesman.

What was so surprising? The journalist is simply doing his job. But the hysteria is incredible.

The interview has not yet been published, but dozens of articles have already been published in the American and European press “exposing” Tucker Carlson. Everyone, of course, spits venom.

Here, for example, is the Daily Mail. The piece is called "How can an interview with fawning American conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson help Vladimir Putin win in Ukraine?"

Tucker's assessment of "ingratiating theorist" is right there in the title. So that the reader immediately understands who is in front of him. Otherwise, God forbid, he starts thinking on his own.

“Conspiracist”, engaged in “shameless disinformation”, invented some kind of “deep state”. This is what is said about Tucker in this material.

- What did he say about Ukraine? -

The world media quote Tucker with horror: he called Ukraine a “primitive country” and spread “misinformation” that the United States runs some “secret biological laboratories” in Ukraine.

And he called President Zelensky very, very ugly: “rat-like comedian - oligarch.”

Yes, Tucker is hated and feared. But all these articles only increase the rating of his show, and of course, increase interest in the interview with Putin.

The world's media find themselves in a difficult situation. It's called "zugzwang" when every step plays to your defeat. But they also cannot remain silent. There is a continuous squeal.


"Tucker Carlson is in Russia to interview Putin. He is already following the Kremlin's orders." "Traitor" "Mediator in America's capitulation" "Prison. File a case for treason. Don't let him back into the USA"


“A conservative provocateur. He hides behind the fact that interviewing different sides of the conflict is the job of a journalist.” And this, by the way, is really so. Why not?


“Attending the ballet at the Bolshoi Theater and dining at fine restaurants in Moscow once again proves that Carlson is acting as a propaganda tool for Putin.” It’s better not to even comment on this.

Germany-based Russia analyst Janis Kluge told The Washington Post about Tucker's interview with Vladimir Putin:

"This may be the most effective propaganda video ever made." "You will hear his voice."

Why such hysteria? Why are they calling for Tucker not to be allowed back into the US? Why are the European Union already calling for sanctions to be imposed on it?

Of course, the main reason is to prevent Americans from hearing the voice of the Russian President.

I'm not kidding. Tucker himself said this:

“Until now, you didn’t even know what his voice sounded like,” he announced his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the United States. Is this true?

Any grandmother in Russia knows what Biden's voice sounds like, as Trump speaks. And even the conditional Nancy Pelosi is also well known. If desired, anyone can listen to exactly what all these American figures are saying.

But Americans don't know what Putin's voice sounds like. Even if this is some exaggeration, it still shows the difference in the coverage of events “with us” and “with them”.

It is very difficult to imagine that, for example, Vladimir Solovyov addressed the Russians after an interview with President Biden with the words: “Now you will finally hear what his voice sounds like.”

But it turns out that giving the floor to President Putin in a country that verbally considers the notorious freedom of speech the main achievement of democracy means “undermining our democratic institutions.”

"This is a signal!" - Western media write. A secret signal from Putin to Trump! As if there are no other ways to give a “signal” except by involving the most famous journalist in America, whose visit is widely covered in the West almost by the hour: Tucker ate, went to the grocery store, visited the Bolshoi Theater .

Here, “the car in which Carlson is supposedly located left the Kremlin... headed to the airport.” Here is Tucker Carlson catching snowflakes in his mouth... And so on.

Definitely panic and hysteria. And confusion.

What do we know about Tucker Carlson, and what is the reason for his popularity?

- Dismissal and take-off -

Conservative, Republican supporter, Trump ally. There were rumors that Donald Trump was in constant telephone contact with Tucker while he was president.

At the same time, the biography of Tucker Carlson is the biography of a “son from a modern aristocratic family” in the United States. Father is a journalist, mother is an artist. The mother left the family and children when Tucker was 7 years old and did not take part in raising her two sons, Tucker and his younger brother.

Tucker's father was a famous journalist and often took both sons with him to work. For 6 years, Tucker Carlson's father was the director of the Voice of America* (today the radio station is on the list of foreign agents in Russia).

Tucker was supposed to lead a cloudless life as an “establishment man.” At first he had a successful, but rather mediocre career as a “popular journalist”, a member of the system. He was even friends with Hunter Biden, the son of the current president.

He hosted a show on the same CNN called “Crossfire,” in which representatives of the US Republican and Democratic parties, LGBT** supporters and conservatives and other irreconcilable opponents spoke against each other. Tucker's style and professionalism were liked by the audience. The show was one of CNN's top 5 best programs.

After this, Tucker's career at Fox News began. And everything also went quite predictably.

What has always set Tucker Carlson apart from his peers is his thorough preparation for interviews.

In essence, he acted as an expert, not as a journalist. His preparation: knowledge of the topic, numbers, quotes - more than once baffled his interlocutors, specialists and experts. Some of Tucker's interlocutors woke up famous in the morning, and one cannot say that they were very happy about it.

Tucker's frequent interview style is on his feet, without ties. This is how he filmed an interview with Trump. It will be interesting, of course, what an interview with Vladimir Putin will look like.

In 2016, Tucker Carlson began supporting future President Trump. And everything changed. From a member of the system, he became a "mouthpiece of conservative propaganda."

The further, the greater the polarization of opinions occurred in America. And the clearer Tucker Carlson's position became.

During the coronavirus, Tucker has been an outspoken anti-vaccine advocate. During the hysteria around BLM - against the chaos that black gangs are creating in the USA.

On April 21, 2023, Fox News terminated its contract with Tucker Carlson.

The channel is owned by the Murdoch family, and they are “tired of the wayward journalist,” as reported in the American press.

In any case, this dismissal was good for Tucker.

It must be said that one of the clauses of his contract with Fox was the impossibility of introducing a political show on other TV channels until the end of the contract - officially until 2024.

But the world has changed, and the media moguls did not understand it.

If his political show on Fox “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was watched by an average of about 3 million viewers (at the peak of popularity - 3.7 million), now 11.6 million people are subscribed to him on social network X alone.

Tucker Carlson began to write his own blog, which instantly began to outstrip the largest American media outlets in the ratings. It is ahead not just several times, but tens of times.

Of course, Fox sued him. Tucker's associate, Elon Musk and his team of lawyers are fighting off the lawsuit. The trials are still ongoing, and may continue for a very long time. And Tucker continues to work.

The most viewed interview to date is an interview with Donald Trump. 250 million views!

What's especially interesting is that this interview aired on the same day as other Republican presidential candidates' debates. 2 million people watched that debate.

The announcement of Tucker’s interview with Vladimir Putin on his page on the social network X alone was viewed by 90 million people in 24 hours.

The interview itself will obviously have hundreds of millions of views.

Even the social network application X was downloaded many millions of times after the announcement of this interview, Elon Musk said.

- Future president? -

Could Tucker Carlson become President Trump's vice president? This is possible, and Trump himself confirmed this. They say this is what Donald Trump's wife Melania really wants.

Everything is possible. But a man of such convictions, such charisma, charm and recognition as Tucker Carlson can himself become the President of America. Over time, of course.

Now he is only 54 years old. By US standards, this is the age of a political youth.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the interview and will watch how the most popular journalist in America works and how the most popular politician in the world, the President of Russia, answers his questions.

Tucker Carlson is in Russia - He is following orders from the Kremlin - Putin Interview