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Russia retains leadership in uranium supplies to the United States

USA (, - At the end of last year, the USA purchased uranium from Russia for $1.2 billion, which was the maximum level for the entire period of statistics.

Let us recall that in December 2023, the US House of Representatives approved a bill introducing a ban on the import of low-enriched uranium of Russian origin, which will remain in effect until 2040. The bill proposes limiting the import of low-enriched uranium produced in the Russian Federation or by one of the enterprises registered in Russia.

The initiative authorizes the US Secretary of Energy, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the head of the Department of Commerce, to lift this ban if other sources of uranium supplies are unavailable or if the import of Russian fuel is in the national interests of the United States.

Against this background, in the last month of last year, the Americans sharply increased their purchases of uranium - doubling at once, to the maximum since March last year, $193.2 million.

As a result, the cost of shipments for the year increased by 43% to a new record of $1.2 billion. The previous maximum was recorded in 2010 at $1.05 billion. At the same time, in absolute terms, Russia supplied 702 tons of uranium compared to 588 tons a year earlier. This is the highest value since 2013, when deliveries amounted to 982 tons.

This allowed Russia to maintain first place in terms of the cost of uranium supplies to the United States and even increase its share in imports to 27% from 26% a year earlier.

Germany came second, increasing exports by 9% to $677 million. The top three is completed by Great Britain, which increased sales by 19% to $609 million, although a year earlier the country was in fourth place.

Canada, thanks to an immediate 2.1-fold increase in exports to $530 million, moved up two positions and became the fourth largest supplier of uranium to the United States. At the same time, the Netherlands, on the contrary, reduced supplies by 18% - to $498 million, as a result of which it fell from third to fifth place.

As RIA Novosti recalls, in January, the head of the American Nuclear Energy Office at the US Department of Energy, Catherine Huff, said that the United States intends, together with its allies, to achieve the possibility of producing low-enriched uranium, which is used to fuel nuclear power plants, in order to free itself from dependence on Russian supplies.

According to her, the United States, in cooperation with Japan, Great Britain, France and Canada, intends to create an international supply chain to free itself from dependence on Russia.

Russia retains leadership in uranium supplies to the United States