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In Armenia, they assumed Pashinyan’s “last year” in power

Caucasus (, - Political scientist Suren Surenyants does not exclude the possibility of a change of power in Armenia in the coming months. He believes that this year may be the last for the political force ruling in the republic in the person of the Civil Contract party and its leader Nikol Pashinyan.

During a press conference at the Sputnik Armenia multimedia press center today, February 8, the expert noted that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, against the backdrop of talk about the new Constitution of Armenia and “serving the agenda” of Azerbaijan, is rapidly losing popularity, his actions and statements become “less and less adequate.”

In this context, Surenyants considers three possible scenarios. Processes can lead to:

“fearing for his personal safety, Pashinyan will leave the country”;

he and his party will be defeated in early elections;

the policy of the ruling force will lead to a new war with Azerbaijan and new disasters, which in any case will call into question Pashinyan’s continued stay in power.

“I think this year will be the last for the government... It should be remembered that the reform of the Constitution in Armenia has always turned into disaster for the ruling force. Let’s remember examples from the past, the same constitutional reform of 2015, which ultimately led to the resignation of the third president (Serzh Sargsyan - Ed.),” the Armenian political scientist shared his forecast.

According to him, the current head of government cannot be an exception to the rule.

“It can be assumed that in the second half of the year the international consensus around Pashinyan will be broken. By the way, in 2021 he won the (early parliamentary) elections thanks to this consensus. And from breaking the consensus to a change of power is half a step,” Surenyants believes.

The level of trust of Armenian citizens in Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has decreased, which, as reported, was evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Armenian representative office of the research organization Gallup International Association (headquarters in Vienna). According to the current measure of public opinion, the prime minister of the republic is “completely distrusted” by 38.1% of respondents. In November last year, this figure according to a Gallup International Association poll was 35.5%.

In Armenia, they assumed Pashinyan’s “last year” in power