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The number of murders in the Arab sector of Israel has tripled in 5 years. What is the reason?

Israel (, - Over the past five years, the number of murders in the Arab sector has increased 2.8 times. This is stated in a report released today by the Taub Institute. There was a particularly dramatic spike last year, when 233 people were killed in the Arab sector in 12 months, after 109 in 2022.

Institute scientists note an increase in serious crime in the Jewish sector, but it is incomparably less than among the Arabs. That is, it almost doubled over the year - 66 versus 38 in 2022, but in comparison with the size of the population these are still very low figures.

By comparison, in France, with a population of about 65 million, there were 1,010 murders in 2023, and 807 five years ago. The country is sounding the alarm about rising violence. And in the Arab sector of Israel, with its 2 million population, there were 233 killed, that is, approximately 7.5 times more per capita than in France, where everyone is sure that most of the serious crimes are committed by immigrants from the Maghreb countries (although ethnic statistics in prohibited by law in this country).

According to Taub Institute statistics, the number of people killed in the Arab sector rose every month last year and peaked in September, on the eve of the Hamas attack, with 29 people killed, an average of one person killed every day. The institute recognizes that this is the highest rate of violent crime among rich countries.

The ratio between the number of murders in the Jewish and Arab sectors has changed dramatically over the past 8 years. So, in 2015, this ratio was 1 to 4, and in 2023 it is already 1 to 13. This is much higher than the ratio between murders among whites and blacks in the United States - 1 to 8.

The reason, among other things, is increased social inequality, researchers believe. They studied demographic statistics and saw that in Arab society over the past 12 years the proportion of young men between 20 and 34 years old has sharply increased. In the Jewish segment it increased by 10%, and in the Arabic segment by 46%. And according to crime statistics from last year, a large proportion of killed Arabs are men of this age.

Demographers believe that in the coming years the growth in the share of young men in Arab society will slow down, but in Jewish society, on the contrary, it will begin to grow noticeably.

The number of murders in the Arab sector of Israel has tripled in 5 years. What is the reason?