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Starship Technologies, which delivers goods using robots, has raised additional funding of 84 million euros

European Union (, - An Estonian company that delivers goods using robots has raised additional funding of 84 million euros

Starship Technologies has raised $230 million in funding since its inception in 2014. The funds are being used to expand globally in response to growing demand for home delivery.

The company has become the world's leading autonomous delivery service, delivering more than 6 million deliveries and transforming last-mile delivery. Starship robots operate in 80 locations around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Estonia and Finland.

The company notes that robots require less investment than humans and can work for 18 hours when fully charged.

Starship solves the last mile delivery industry's challenges by offering the most cost-effective, ethical and sustainable way to deliver goods directly to the customer over short distances.


In Latvia, scammers began to use artificial intelligence

European Union (, - Fraudsters are now able to make phone calls in which the conversation is translated in real time, allowing seamless communication in any language.

Robocalls using voice copying technology in the local language are already being recorded in the republic. For this, pre-recorded voices of real people are used, processed by special software.

Cybersecurity experts say that as technology advances, it will be almost impossible to recognize such calls, but the basis of fraud schemes will not change in any way - scammers will continue to try to deceive people and extract confidential data.


Latvian citizen sentenced to prison for migrant smuggling

European Union (, - A Latvian citizen was sentenced to more than four years in prison for illegally transporting people across the state border, the country's State Border Service reported.

The sentence was a continuation of the incident when, on October 2, the police stopped a minibus driven by a Latvian citizen. Police officers discovered that there were 10 Syrian citizens inside the minibus without travel documents, valid visas or residence permits.

The State Border Service recalled that in October 2023 amendments to the Criminal Law came into force, which provide for more severe penalties for the illegal movement of persons across the state border and the organization or implementation of other criminal activities related to illegal migration.

Starship Technologies, which delivers goods using robots, has raised additional funding of 84 million euros