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AI app will explain what your baby's cries mean

“An AI app will explain what your baby’s cries mean”: The baby monitor was taught to translate from “baby language” to “parent language.”

“All parents, one way or another, are forced to play a guessing game when it comes to the reasons for their children’s crying, but in the United States they have developed an application based on artificial intelligence that “translates” the cries of their children into a language understandable to adults. Parents can analyze their baby's cries using the new Capella assistant app.

It is proposed to take two gadgets and use them as a baby monitor. The app will continuously interpret the sounds your baby makes. If the child cries, the application will clarify that the child is, for example, hungry, tired or in discomfort.

The head of the company, Apolline Desroches, explained that the developers are collaborating with hospitals that record the cries of different children and use it in the AI training process. Then, with the help of doctors who have been interpreting these cries for years, the application learns to “translate” them into a language we understand.”

AI app will explain what your baby's cries mean