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Israel - Netanyahu spoke with Biden about Rafah, hostages and humanitarian aid to Gaza

Israel (, - On the evening of Sunday, February 11, a 45-minute telephone conversation took place between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden. It is reported that the parties discussed the issue of releasing the Israeli hostages. At the end of the conversation, a political source said that “the conversation took place in a good atmosphere and mainly concerned Rafah, hostages and humanitarian aid.”

Political sources in Israel said Biden expressed concern about the impact of the military operation in Rafah on the civilian population in the area and stressed that the operation must be preceded by thorough preparations, including ensuring the safety of civilians concentrated in Rafah and the surrounding area.

In addition, Biden asked Netanyahu to send an Israeli delegation to Cairo to negotiate an exchange deal, even if Israel considers these negotiations futile.

The current conversation took place against the backdrop of Biden and his administration’s dissatisfaction with Netanyahu’s military policy. Literally on the same day, the American newspaper The Washington Post reported that Biden and his closest advisers were inclined to break off relations with Netanyahu and stop considering him “a productive partner on whom one can have influence.” The reason for this is disagreement over the course of the war in the Gaza Strip and the post-war structure of the strip and the Palestinian Authority. Let us remember that Biden and his administration believe that the war should be reduced to targeted operations, that the terror infrastructure in Rafah should not be cleared, and that a Palestinian state should be created.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu and his ministers visited the engineering base, where they received the latest information from Gaza from Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi and other senior officers. Netanyahu told them about increasing international pressure on Israel, but assured them that, despite the pressure, Israel would bring the war in Gaza to a victorious end and go to Rafah to purge it of Hamas.

“Our goal is complete and unconditional victory. It is achievable. This obliges us to resist international pressure, which, as we all know here, is increasing, and everyone who deals with foreign sources feels it,” Netanyahu said. “We strive for disarmament of the Gaza Strip. This obliges us to have military control and responsibility for the security situation in the entire territory west of Jordan, including the Gaza Strip. There is no alternative to this for the foreseeable future. We say this to the international community. And to the President of the United States. And to all other leaders. Our military control will remain forever. If this requires the IDF to remain inside, it will be inside; if there is enough freedom of movement to the right place at the right time, as is happening now, then it will remain in the future."

Netanyahu's previous conversation with Biden took place on January 19, that is, three weeks ago.

Israel - Netanyahu spoke with Biden about Rafah, hostages and humanitarian aid to Gaza