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Israeli minister is unhappy that the IDF does not force soldiers to shoot women and children

Israel (, - At today's cabinet meeting, the issue of army instructions on the use of lethal weapons on the borders of Gaza was discussed for the third time. Chief of the General Staff Herzi Alevi informed the ministers about the content of the instructions, emphasizing that they are constantly changing according to the situation, since with such a concentration of troops the threat of losses from “friendly fire” increases, but the Minister of Internal Security Itamar Ben-Gvir was again dissatisfied with what he heard.

The content of the discussion between the Minister of National Security and the Chief of the General Staff was reported by Wallanews, Ynet and other publications. Ben-Gvir complained about the “vagueness” of the military instructions and demanded that they contain explicit instructions to shoot anyone who approaches the border barriers, including women and children. “Otherwise, we will face a repeat of October 7,” he said.

Ben-Gvir agreed that “friendly fire” was “worthy of consideration,” but insisted that killing Palestinians was more important than saving the lives of soldiers. “Women and children should not come close to the fence. Anyone who comes close and harms our safety must receive a bullet,” he demanded.

Ben-Gvir also has other complaints against the military - the minister does not like that the military is forcing the police to prevent blocking trucks going into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom checkpoint. In response, the Chief of the General Staff made a counterclaim to the Minister of Police: he said that due to the inaction of the police (“partial work of the police,” as General Alevi put it), the General Staff had to withdraw an entire battalion of fighters from Gaza - “instead of destroying the terrorists, they ensure order at Kerem Shalom.”

Israeli minister is unhappy that the IDF does not force soldiers to shoot women and children