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Poll: Most Israelis want early elections and will no longer vote for Smotrich

Israel (, - The latest “mandate survey”, commissioned by Channel 12 and published on Sunday in the evening news, shows that 51% of respondents support the demand for early elections and only 39% do not see the need for them. The remaining 10% are still in doubt. Even among voters in the ruling coalition, 20% already want to change the government they elected a little over a year ago. According to today's Channel 13 poll, 47% of Israelis favor the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

At the same time, according to a survey by Channel 12, Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing religious bloc would receive only 45 seats in the elections today, and the Religious Zionism party of Bezalel Smotrich would remain outside the Knesset. The Channel 13 poll still gives Smotrich 6 mandates, which strengthens the ruling coalition to 48 mandates.

The collapse of Smotrich's party may be linked to the finance minister's absurdly unprofessional response to the downgrade of Israel's credit rating. Be that as it may, half of the mandates lost by Smotrich went to opposition parties, including Yesh Atid and NDI, and only two of them remained within the coalition, adding one mandate each to Ben Gvir and Shas.

The statist camp continues to lead in both polls, increasing its lead over the Likud - 37 seats versus 18. In the direct elections for Prime Minister, Gantz confidently defeats Netanyahu (43% versus 27%, with 8% doubting and 22% not wanting to see either of them in power). When choosing between Netanyahu and Lapid, the “neither” option wins - 39%.

The poll also showed that the electorate of the opposition parties still wants Gantz and Eisenkot to remain in the military government, although the scales of public opinion are approaching balance: 40% support the presence of the Statist Camp in the coalition, 36% believe it is time for them to leave.

Poll: Most Israelis want early elections and will no longer vote for Smotrich