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Iran climbs 34 points in global human development index - IRNA

Greater Middle East (, - Iran has risen 34 points in the global Human Development Index (HDI) since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, becoming one of the world's best performing countries in this area, IRNA reported.

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2022 report, which was prepared based on information collected in 2021, Iran's HDI has grown by 77% in the years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The index shows the level of social, economic, health and cultural well-being of each country and includes a score from zero to one, with a higher number indicating greater human development in that country, IRNA said.

According to a UNDP report, Iran's Human Development Index was 0.437 the year before the Islamic Revolution. This figure was gradually increased to 0.552 in 1990, to 0.652 in 2000, and to 0.652 in 2000. It reached .681 in 2005, .725 in 2010 and .774 in 2021.

With the increase in HDI, Iran's global ranking in this regard has also improved. In 1979, Iran ranked 110th among 182 countries in terms of human development. In 2021, the country rose to 76th place among 191 countries.

Accordingly, the Islamic Republic rose 34 places in the global HDI ranking, which in 2021 was higher than 115 countries in the world.

The UNDP report classifies the world's states into four groups with very high human development, high human development, medium human development and low human development, Iranian news agency IRNA reported.

Iran climbs 34 points in global human development index - IRNA