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Netanyahu: We intend to storm Rafah and will provide corridors for displaced people

Greater Middle East (, - “Those who warn us not to enter Rafah are thereby saying that we should lose the war and leave Hamas there,” the Saudi Al Hadath channel reported, citing an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the American ABC News channel on Sunday, February 10.

“Victory is achievable if we take control of Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas,” the Israeli prime minister said.

Troops will enter the city in the southern Gaza Strip, “while ensuring safe passage for the civilian population so they can leave,” Netanyahu said. “We are working on a detailed plan to achieve this goal, and we are not doing this by accident.”

As Al Hadath notes, the prime minister did not specify where the more than a million displaced people who took refuge in this city, fleeing the war, and in accordance with previous instructions from the Israeli army, could go.

The Israeli prime minister's remarks come amid growing anxiety among Palestinian refugees who are huddled in Rafah in tents or uninhabitable shelters and even on the streets because of the Israeli attack.

“We are out of breath and tired,” people said, Al Hadath reported.

Many Palestinians interviewed by Al Arabiya and Al Hadath expressed their fears about the upcoming Israeli attack and concerns about a repeat of the previous bloody scenario in Gaza City.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called a possible attack by the Israeli army an “indescribable humanitarian disaster,” Al Hadath channel reported.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian army is building sand barricades on the border with the Gaza Strip. Large numbers of tanks and armored vehicles are also being sent there. Over the past two weeks, Cairo has sent about 40 tanks and armored personnel carriers to northeast Sinai as part of a series of measures to strengthen security on its border with the Gaza Strip in connection with reports that Tel Aviv is preparing to invade Rafah, Rai Alyoum reported, citing information Reuters.

Netanyahu: We intend to storm Rafah and will provide corridors for displaced people