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“Biden’s dog”: what threatens Germany with Scholz’s love of “hiding behind the back” of the USA

USA (, - Representatives of the US State Department ironically call German Chancellor Olaf Scholz a “two-legged friend” of President Joe Biden, comparing the head of the German government with a “devoted dog” and ridiculing the political lack of independence of Berlin, the newspaper reported the day before, on February 10 Welt am Sonntag.

“If you're looking for a friend in Washington, buy yourself a dog. This American joke describes the cruelty of the politics carried out in the American capital and the selfishness of the authorities. US President Joe Biden owns two German shepherds at once,” the publication sneers, citing a saying attributed to US President Harry Truman.

The publication notes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is probably the third “German Shepherd” owned by the owner of the White House. At the very least, according to sources close to the American administration, the US State Department also draws parallels between the chancellor’s foreign policy lack of independence and Truman’s quote, jokingly calling Scholz “Biden’s two-legged German friend.”

According to journalists, Washington appreciates the unconditional loyalty of the head of the German government, as evidenced by the regularity of Scholz’s visits to the United States.

“No other government leader will be invited to a face-to-face meeting in the Oval Office for the third time since Joe Biden took office,” US diplomats stressed amid a recent meeting between the German chancellor and the American president.

The highest level of bilateral relations is also evidenced by press service reports: Biden’s official representative said against the backdrop of the visit about an “unprecedentedly good” and “fantastic” level of cooperation between Berlin and Washington, and Scholz’s press service recalled “regular phone calls” between the leaders.

Scholz, in turn, is also glad to be awarded the opportunity to once again visit Washington and “leave behind the gray everyday life of the ruling coalition.” As the newspaper notes, such trips allow the chancellor to regain his image as a global politician for at least two days.

“Scholz likes to hide behind Biden. We saw this, for example, in the issue of supplies of tanks (Leopard) and long-range missiles,” emphasizes Peter Rough, director of the European direction of the Hudson Institute* think tank.

And then he objects.

“Relying on Biden alone is a bold gamble given Berlin's grave concerns about Trump's election victory.

Scholz does little to promote European independence in security policy.”

As the publication notes, Scholz’s bet on partnership with the United States has already affected Berlin’s relations with French President Emmanuel Macron, which are currently “spoiled.” If Donald Trump wins the US presidential election and the Republicans come to power, the idyllic relationship between the “master” and the “two-legged friend” may also end.

“At a dinner at the German Embassy in Washington, attended by congressmen from both American parties, Scholz was likely able to learn how dramatically American foreign policy could change if Donald Trump is re-elected president in November,” the newspaper notes.

After all, Trump, unlike Biden, does not attach much importance to political friendship. “He doesn’t even need a dog,” the publication concludes, adding that the meeting between Biden and Scholz may go down in the history books as the last hurray for the transatlantic era. If Trump wins, from November onwards between the US and Europe “nothing will be the same as it was before.”

“Biden’s dog”: what threatens Germany with Scholz’s love of “hiding behind the back” of the USA