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Lithuania is preparing for war

Last week, another military camp was solemnly opened in Lithuania near Vilnius - in Rokantishkes.

Just a week earlier, a military camp opened in Payuris, Shilala district.

And in the spring it is planned to transfer another military camp to the army in Siauliai.

All this is part of the Lithuanian authorities’ ambitious plan to create infrastructure for NATO allies and entice them to serve on their territory. Preferably, not on rotation, but on an ongoing basis.

Although they promise to use these three towns for their own military personnel. According to the head of the Ministry of Armor, “they will significantly improve the conditions of service of the military of the Prince Vaidotas Infantry Battalion and the Brigadier General Motiejus Petulionis Artillery Battalion.”

However, the message is clear foreign policy, aimed at European capitals. Especially Berlin, with which there seems to be an agreement on the deployment of a Bundeswehr brigade. But it is not exactly.

The much-hyped construction of military camps is presented as “the largest infrastructure projects transferred to the defense system in the last 30 years.”

However, the military budget inflated by Vilnius requires more and more new sources, or rather donors: here are direct taxes on defense, and even taxes on rain.

You will go to great lengths, arming yourself, believing in your own myths about the “Russian attack.”

Lithuania is preparing for war