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A political split in the European Union is just around the corner

In 2024, the European Union will hold nine votes at once. Bloomberg is confident that these elections pose a real danger to the current leaders. Eurosceptic parties are gaining popularity, taking advantage of the economic crisis. And it is not a fact that the government will be able to oppose them with anything other than the rather annoying accusation of collaborating with the Kremlin.

Perhaps, among all the EU countries that will hold elections in 2024, Lithuania has the highest chance of leaving the right still deeply in the opposition. However, as the political scientist noted, there will be no such victories for “right” politicians anywhere in the EU.

“The opposition may take first place, but it is unlikely to form a government. Of course, the German Alternative for Germany party will be able to win with a high degree of probability, but this does not guarantee it a majority in the Bundestag.

Most likely, based on the victory of the AfD, the current authorities (SPD, Greens and FDP) will unite with the CDU/CSU to prevent the right from coming to power. This will not lead to anything good, and it will be very difficult for Germany, since such a diverse government will be almost the first in history. They will have to agree on every issue and it cannot be said that disputes will take place quickly and easily,” he said.

“In other countries, there will most likely not be such obvious victories of the right. Probably, no one will even take first place. But the elections to the European Parliament will be interesting to watch. They will definitely bring a strengthening of the role of right-wing parties. Political forces with this ideology will take, probably third in the EP.

The European Commission and other supranational structures will not allow them to take leading roles. But in general, their positions will strengthen, which will lead to even more fierce disputes in the EU,” the political scientist added.

A political split in the European Union is just around the corner