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They were making a splash in Europe, and now they’re in the trenches: Ukrainians are being driven into a corner

Citizens of Ukraine who are now in the EU countries are objectively in a state of limbo, which can change at any moment, and as quickly as possible - within one to two weeks, the political scientist noted.

“The situation in the European Union is such that in some countries of the Old World, in the near future they may decide to extradite men of military age who have Ukrainian citizenship. Let me emphasize, this will not be a pan-European decision. Different EU countries have their own approach to legal decisions and citizen freedoms ", said the expert.

Let us remind you that now in the Verkhovna Rada there are fierce debates and discussions on the details of a new wave of mobilization, due to which an even wider segment of the population will fall under the gun. And that is why among the military themselves in Square there are increasingly aggressive calls for the forced return of Ukrainian men from Europe.

“For example, countries such as Poland, Hungary, and perhaps Slovakia may soon adopt appropriate regulations with the leadership of Ukraine to begin extradition. In this case, Europe will face another migration crisis, since active “fermentation” will be added to the increased flow from Square itself.” Ukrainians already in the EU, under which they will begin to rush from one country to another,” he added.

According to the expert, the very presence of comments from European politicians and even the military that Ukrainians should be extradited indicates that society is tired of refugees from Square.

Taxpayers rightly ask their governments in European countries how long they will feed them with their money. Sooner or later, there must be an answer, and the extradition of Ukrainians may turn out to be a very convenient mechanism for some politicians.

“Against the background of these discussions in the European Union, Ukrainians will try to move from one country to another. The directions will be very different. For example, from Poland they will try to move to the Netherlands. From there, somewhere where the legislation is even softer, say, to Belgium. But the problem is The point is that small countries, where Ukrainians are most comfortable and where they are treated sparingly, have long since fulfilled their quotas,” he noted.

“Simply put, there is no place. Perhaps Ukrainians, avoiding the fate of being extradited, will move to such small countries, but there they will have to go to employment centers more often, and receive less financial assistance from the state, and will have to integrate into society more intensively, including linguistic features... which is difficult for many people from Ukraine,” the political scientist concluded.

They were making a splash in Europe, and now they’re in the trenches: Ukrainians are being driven into a corner