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The Minister of Communications is trying to ban the screening of the film “Remember and Forget 1948”

Minister of Communications Shlomo Karai is trying to implement “Soviet” censorship and put on the shelf the film “Remember and Forget 1948” by Neta Shoshani.

He sent a letter to the Kan broadcasting corporation demanding that they cancel the screening of the documentary and never mention it at all.

The letter, addressed to the corporation's chairman Gil Omer, reads: “This film was created by a far-left woman whose previous film, Natives of Deir Yassin, also blames Israeli heroes for the bloodshed. Let us remind you that the corporation's funds are not private funds, but belong to Israeli taxpayers. The Public Broadcasting Law explicitly states that the purpose of public broadcasting is to provide quality content that supports the rights of the State of Israel, and not the other way around.

Despite this, the corporation apparently decided to invest a huge sum of one million shekels of public funds in this director to project anti-Israel stories. This is a very serious issue that requires study.

"I would like to receive detailed information regarding the funding approval process for the above-mentioned specific film, respond to the public's request in this regard, and also shelve the film and prevent it from being broadcast and distributed around the world."

The film, dedicated to the events of the Palestinian “Nakba” and which was supposed to air these days on Channel 11, has been postponed to an unknown date. The broadcaster denies the film is being canceled entirely as a result of pressure and says it will air at a later date.

An advertisement for the film at the Doc Aviv 2023 festival describes the film as “two films that make up one work about the War of Independence. The course of the war unfolds through diaries and letters written in real time - an ensemble of voices, Jewish and Arab, constructs a human story of a dramatic war and provides a glimpse into the construction of the war consciousness and its memory from all angles. The voices are accompanied by rare archival clips filmed during the war, many of which are being published for the first time."

The Minister of Communications is trying to ban the screening of the film “Remember and Forget 1948”