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Rafah evacuation plans: tent cities and temporary port

Lebanese al-Akhbar, affiliated with Hezbollah, on Monday publishes a plan to evacuate the estimated million Gazans who have gathered in the Rafah area on the Egyptian border.

Egypt wants direct guarantees that the operation will not push displaced Palestinians to cross the border towards Sinai. The United States and Western countries do not want new footage of crowds of refugees with knapsacks and children, as well as footage of the death of civilians in the Israeli operation.

On this basis, negotiations developed a comprehensive plan to resettle hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in new areas. The plan includes reaching a political security agreement between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates - how to create, finance and manage new refugee camps, with the United States paying Egypt as much as Egypt spends.

Identification of a new gathering place for displaced persons exclusively in the western areas of the Gaza Strip and within the coastal strip.

From 12 to 15 collection points, called “villages,” have been identified.

The entire north of Gaza will be isolated, no humanitarian activities will take place there, and the remaining population will be displaced.

Each tent camp can accommodate about 25,000 tents or more, and displaced persons are distributed among these sites according to databases that take into account family ties. Local managers who are not affiliated with Hamas will be selected.

Among other things, the newspaper writes that in the coming days the UAE will build a floating port off the coast of Gaza. There, humanitarian aid will be unloaded and distributed on vehicles, provided that the aid is subject to prior Israeli verification.

Egyptian authorities will take over the process of setting up camps, setting up tents and temporary sanitation centers in addition to water supply centers. Border crossings with Egypt will be closed, and humanitarian assistance by land will be provided by Israel.

President Biden delivered a message calling for Israel to take part in the talks on Tuesday in Cairo. Channel 13 reports that Netanyahu will make a decision in the next few hours.

Rafah evacuation plans: tent cities and temporary port