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Germany is arming itself: “liver sausage” Scholz tried on the image of “Iron Olaf”

Ukraine (, - German Chancellor Olaf Scholz laid the first stone in the foundation of a plant for the production of ammunition for Ukraine in Lower Saxony. This is reported by the telegram channel “DW* main”.

It is noted that the defense concern Rheinmetall plans to complete construction of the plant in 2025. The enterprise will produce up to 200 thousand ammunition per year, including for self-propelled howitzers supplied to Kyiv.

Rheinmetall intends to invest about 300 million euros in the project and create 500 new jobs. Local residents fully support the initiative, said the burgomaster of the village of Unterlus, where the plant is being built, Kurt Wilks.

Meanwhile, the groundbreaking ceremony was accompanied by a protest in which about 400 people took part. “It was attended by farmers who brought agricultural equipment to the scene, demanding improved working conditions, as well as opponents of the German government’s new security policy,” notes TK.

Ukraine’s needs for shells are three times greater than Germany’s production capabilities, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said in a commentary for Bild. According to him, Square requires more than 2 million shells per year.

“And in total, by 2025, we want to produce up to 700,000 artillery shells per year,” he said.

According to Papperger, it will take 10-15 years to replenish the stock of shells in Germany itself. The head of the concern also complained about Germany's lag in the field of drones. “A new type of war is already going on in Ukraine, but here they are still justifying with documents whether it is possible to place weapons on drones,” the top manager emphasized.

“Now Scholz must become the arms chancellor, he needs arms manufacturers on his side. But can he do it, become “Iron Olaf”? The world looks to him for leadership. And he doesn’t know if he has the appropriate arsenal. And does he even want this? At least during the short visit to US President Joe Biden, there was no mention of the fact that he could become an alternative leader of Europe,” writes Bild political commentator Peter Tiede, who accompanied the country’s Chancellor and Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on this trip.

Germany is arming itself: “liver sausage” Scholz tried on the image of “Iron Olaf”