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The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova is investigating the legality of the contract with Gazprom

Moldova (, - The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova continues to investigate the legality of the five-year gas supply contract between Moldovagaz and Gazprom, the main negotiator for which was Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu. Experts believe that all means can be used if there is no desire to pay debts.

“Possible violations committed on October 29, 2021 during the negotiation process on the extension of the contract concluded between PJSC Gazprom and Moldovagaz, as well as the signing of a protocol on the settlement of problematic issues for Moldova in the gas sector, became the object of an investigation conducted by the General Directorate prosecutor's office The Prosecutor General’s Office decided to initiate a criminal investigation into the case on the basis of Articles 327 and 328 of the Criminal Code,” RIA Novosti quotes a message from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova with reference to the Publika TV channel.

The investigation concerns possible abuse of official position, committed for selfish or other interests, as well as abuse of power by a person who holds a public position. Punishment can be up to 7-10 years in prison.

AgoRa notes that the criminal case was opened on April 29, 2022.

“The criminal investigation continues, all measures are being taken to clarify in all aspects, fully and objectively, the circumstances of the case. During the investigation, no persons with the status of suspects or accused were identified,” prosecutor Violina Moraru told the publication. She is responsible for media relations.

“When you don’t want to fulfill your debt obligations, all means are used. Well, and at the same time some internal political issues are being resolved. If you remember, this is how Yulia Tymoshenko was imprisoned in Ukraine,” noted Deputy Director of the FNEB Alexey Grivach.

In October 2021, Gazprom and Moldovagaz extended the existing contract for another five years. From Chisinau, the main negotiator was the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrei Spinu. One of the terms of the agreement was the settlement of Moldova's historical debt.

As reported, in November Gazprom did not recognize the audit of the historical debt of Moldovagaz ordered by the Moldovan authorities, according to which the country’s debt decreased by almost 100 times. The day before, the Norwegian Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS and the British Forensic Risk Alliance conducted an audit of Moldovan debts to Gazprom and the Moldovan authorities stated that they would recognize only $8.6 million out of $756 million.

Gazprom immediately disagreed with the statements of the Moldovan side. Payment of the historical debt was one of the conditions for entering into a five-year contract in October 2021. Moldovgaz reported that the audit is based on assumptions, not facts: “Contains statements that are not supported by law and factual circumstances.” Moldovagaz noted: “The authors of the report indicate that they did not independently check the accuracy and completeness of the documents.”

The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova is investigating the legality of the contract with Gazprom