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Carlson called Biden an incompetent president

USA, ( American journalist Tucker Carlson called US President Joe Biden an incompetent leader. He made this statement at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

Putin's interview caused a significant resonance in the Western media and among the public

“It makes me sad when I see that the president is out of his mind. And that in my country they consider it very rude to talk about it. You wonder how it got to the point that there is an incompetent president. This is not a political observation, this is a fact that has evidence.” - said Carlson.


The President of Hungary sent an official letter of resignation to parliament

European Union, ( Hungarian President Katalin Nowak sent an official statement of resignation to the country's parliament. TASS reports this.

Hungarian presidential elections will be held in March

Earlier, Katalin Novak announced her resignation amid a scandal involving the pardon of the former deputy director of an orphanage, who helped hide crimes against the sexual integrity of minors for her pedophile boss. The head of state admitted that she made a serious mistake.

Now the country's parliament will have to accept Novak's resignation, and then within 30 days determine her successor as head of state. To register as a candidate, you must secure the support of at least 20% of deputies. To win the election in the first round, you need to get two-thirds of the votes.


Prospects for expanding cooperation with Serbia were discussed in Belarus

Belarus, Minsk . Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Alexey Bogdanov in the mode

The meeting participants discussed the current state of Belarusian-Serbian trade and economic relations, interaction between enterprises and prospects for expanding cooperation. Particular attention was paid to the export of Belarusian products to the Serbian market.

“We must work together in the interests of our countries, strive to find solutions that satisfy both sides and contribute to the implementation of the agreements reached. I am ready to fully facilitate this within the limits of my competence,” said Alexey Bogdanov.

Following the meeting, the parties emphasized their commitment to implementing the agreements reached, and relevant instructions were given.

Carlson called Biden an incompetent president