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European diplomacy chief calls for arms embargo on Israel

Josep Borrell, the EU foreign minister, called on countries around the world to impose an arms embargo on Israel, given the scale of the killing of civilians during the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

“How many times have you heard diplomats around the world say that too many people are being killed? If you believe this, perhaps you should provide fewer guns to prevent so many people from dying. Doesn't that make sense? - said Borrell.

“During the 2006 Lebanon war, the US already made this decision because Israel did not want to stop the war. This is exactly what is happening now. Everyone comes to Tel Aviv and pleads to protect civilians and not kill too many. How much is too much? Netanyahu doesn't want to listen to anyone. They want the residents to leave. To the moon? If the international community thinks this is a massacre, perhaps they should consider supplying arms," he added.

On Monday, a court in the Netherlands decided to ban the supply of spare parts for F-35 fighter jets. “The Court directs the State to cease all actual export and transit of F-35 parts with a final destination of Israel within seven days of service of this decision,” the ruling said.

The court said there was a “clear and present risk that serious human rights violations will be committed in the Gaza Strip by F-35 aircraft used by the Israeli Air Force. Israel does not take into account the impact of its bombing on civilians."

European diplomacy chief calls for arms embargo on Israel