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The campaign resumes: the media accused the RAAM party of financing Hamas

“The NGO Help 48, which belongs to the Islamic Movement, which includes the RAAM party, transferred hundreds of thousands of shekels to the Turkish NGO Hir Uma, which the Shin Bet recognized as belonging to Hamas,” Kan correspondent Avishai Grinzeig reported on Monday.

The journalist refers to past publications by Ayala Hasson and Kalman Liebskind, who accused RAAM of collaborating with terrorist organizations through the NGO “Help 48”, and passes over in silence a simple legal fact - this NGO operates legally in Israel, regularly passing all the required checks.

According to Avishai Grinzeig, last year the Shin Bet “did not know” that the Turkish NGO “Hir Uma”, which received donations from Israel, “belongs to Hamas,” but now this is known from the indictment brought the day before to two Arab residents of the Galilee, one of which he transferred to Turkey about a million shekels. The indictment makes no mention of either the Israeli NGO or the Turkish Hir Uma, not to mention the RAAM party, but Grinzeig argues that the Turkish Hamas activist with whom the imam of the Galilee mosque is accused of having ties served only as a transfer link to transfer funds to Hir Uma, which the Shin Bet “recognized as belonging to Hamas.”

“Kan” - a respectable public broadcasting corporation, Avishai Grinzeig received and published a comment from an Israeli organization accused of financing terror: “It seems that journalists have decided to outlaw NGOs without the knowledge of the Ministry of Defense. To the best of our knowledge, and based on the ongoing checks we undergo, Hir Uma NGO is not listed in the lists of the Ministry of Defense. The transfers of money were made in accordance with the law and regulations, with the permission of the authorities and the bank."

To this comment, the journalist considered it necessary to add the response of an organization called “Bohrim Bahaim Forum”, which was not mentioned in the publication, which drew the “correct” conclusion from the article: “Once again it has been proven that the “Help 48” community and RAAM support Hamas.”

Publications about RAAM’s connections with Hamas have appeared in several media outlets in the last hour. Maariv recounted Avishai Grinzeig's publication, citing it as the source of information, but the original source was not the Kan journalist. A few minutes before Grinzeig, “compromising evidence” was published by the far-right website “Ha-Kol Ha-Yudi,” presenting it as the result of “its own investigation.”

This publication, not constrained by any legal framework, brings monstrous criminal charges against Israeli citizens, claiming that the leaders of “Help 48” “financed the Turkish Hamas militia and worked with Hamas activists for years,” and one of them “tried to carry out a terrorist attack on a defense plant in time of war,” and these terrible people are part of the inner circle of RAAM leader Mansour Abbas.

The campaign resumes: the media accused the RAAM party of financing Hamas