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Taliban*: We strongly condemn the atrocities of the Zionists - stop the genocide in Gaza!

Greater Middle East (, - “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (IEA, the Taliban’s self-name for the country*) called on the international community to put an end to the ongoing genocide of Palestinians by the Israeli army.

A statement released by the IEA Foreign Ministry said the Afghan people "strongly condemn the ongoing Zionist atrocities and call for their immediate end."

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on international and regional effective governments, Islamic countries and human rights organizations to stop the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip and Occupied Palestine. Its continuation raises serious questions about the existing international order and its principles. This genocide, committed in the 21st century, further undermines the already weak authority of international organizations and humanitarian conventions,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the IEA said.

The statement came after Israel yesterday released two hostages in Rafah under cover of airstrikes that local health officials said killed 67 Palestinians and wounded dozens in the southern Gaza city, which is the last refuge of about a million displaced civilians.

According to the military, 60-year-old Fernando Shimon Marman and 70-year-old Louis Khair were released in Rafah as a result of a joint operation by the Israeli military, internal security service and special forces.

The photograph from the site of the release of the hostages (one citizen of Israel, the other of Argentina) shows a vast area of ruins of buildings. Palestinians in Rafah said two mosques and several houses were damaged in more than an hour of IDF strikes that caused widespread panic.

“It was the worst night since we arrived in Rafah last month. Death was so close when shells and rockets fell 200 meters from our tent camp,” Emad, a father of six, told Reuters.

Some feared that Israel had launched a ground offensive against the city, which is home to more than a million refugees - with nowhere else to go.

In conclusion, the Taliban* stated that Israeli attacks on the city of Rafah “will only cause an even greater disaster and will worsen the current crisis.” As a result of the Israeli military operation against Hamas, by this time more than 28 thousand Palestinian civilians had died.

Taliban*: We strongly condemn the atrocities of the Zionists - stop the genocide in Gaza!